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Quique Neira – New Single “TUS HUELLAS”

The new Single “TUS HUELLAS” by Quique Neira -finest Latin Reggae  – released @ 16th of December 2016


“Tus Huellas” (“your footprints”) is a grooving blend of Roots Reggae and Latin Rhythms in Spanish language and tells us about love, relationships and karma.
“Every heart you break, causes your own heart to lose a piece of its wholeness. The key is to become aware about “, says the singer.
“Tus Huellas” is the first single of the 6th upcoming album (release middle of 2017) and propose collaborations with various producers – a different one for each song.]
The lyrics, music and production of the single are by Quique Neira.

LISTEN @ https://soundcloud.com/quique-neira-oficial/tus-huellas

 VIEW and enjoy the live version  – video clip coming soon


Quique Neira Released SINGLE ” Agua de la Fuente ” from the NEW upcoming Album ” UN AMOR” release September 2014

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Quique Neira _ Agua de la Fuente _ Single 2014

The new album “Un Amor” by Quique Neira produced by the Jamaican multi Grammy nominated Jason J Vibe Farmer, in Spanish in English and Portuguese language, counts with such prominent featured guest artist as KyMani Marley and Dread Mar I. Release September 2014

Quique Neira _ Ky Mani Marley_ 2014

 ” Un Amor” is a timeless album for all to love. A true classic. Living proof that great music still exists! citation Jason J VIBE Farmer musical producer .-


QN _Un AMOR _ La Tercer _ 230714