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QUIQUE NEIRA /Chile Biography

QUIQUE NEIRA / CHILE : singer, composer and producer.
Genre: Latin/ World Music/ Latin Reggae
Quique Neira has a unique voice and is a great live musician, composer and producer, with a legendary status in Latin America  since the 1990’s. He had been al leading voice and composer of the bands Bambú and Gondwana and launched his solo career in 2003. He is the author of the hits “Verde, Amarillo y Rojo”, “Felicidad”,”Sentimiento Original”, “Guerra”, ” among many other.
Neira is considered to be one of Latin America’s most famous and talented musicians.
  • 30 Years of musical career in 2020
  • Multiple awarded – in Chile with the National Arts Award Altazor for his album Cosas Buenas (2005) and Alma (2011)
  • 9 CD as soloist  – Eleven (2003 EMI ), Cosas Buenas (2005 EMI) , Jah Rock (2008 OVEJA NEGRA ), Jah Rock edición Europa  (2010 GLM/Impulso) , Jah Rock Dub (2009 ) , Alma ( 2011 OVEJA NEGRA ) , Un Amor (2014 Cosas Buenas Prod), “La vida es una canción” Vol.1 (2017 Cosas Buenas Prod), Cover Me (2018 Cosas Buenas Prod )
  • 6 CD / LP as singer and / or composer with other bands
  • Radio hits like Cosas Buenas,  Alma, Un Poquito de Ti , Tus Huellas, Sentimiento Original and many others –transmisión in Chile, Latin América, Europe and Australia –.
TOURING and concerts in CHILE
Neira is continuously present In Chile – by annual tours in the country during the summer season , as well at numerous concerts and presentations at prominent festivals such as Festival de Viña del Mar in 2000, 2001, 2003; Cumbre del Rock Chileno 2007 y 2009, One Spring Festival 2009, 2011, Lollapalooza  (2011, 2014,  2015 y 2018); ONE Music Festival Tour together with Ky Mani Marley (2014), Siempre Vivo Reggae ( 2010, 2015 ) Festival Carnaza (2016), Surf Beats ( 2014 , 2015, 2016, 2017)  Summer Tour Chile 2018, VIVELA Festival de Musica series (2018), Summer Tour Chile 2019  – just to mention some of the yearly numerous shows ..
  • In 2009, Neira visited Rapa Nui / Easter Islands as part of the recording for his DVD “Rapa  Nui Reggae”. In 2018 he returned to Rapa Nui  to present his new productions –  album “La Vida Es Una Canción Vol.1” and the EP “COVER ME”
  • 2003 –SOUTH AMERICA  until present he is touring in countries like México: Festival Vibraciones de América (2004, 2008, 2010, 2013) special guest of the Wailers ( 2018) , Venezuela: Caracas Big Reggae Festival 2006, Puerto Rico: Festival de Reggae Latino (2008, 2009) , Ecuador (2012,2013, 2016), Argentina ( 2010, 2011, 2015) Colombia ( 2015, 2019) y Perú (2010,2013,2016, 2017 ) among others.
  • 2008  EUROPE Festival de Jazz de Montreux Switzerland / Europe. Neira is the first Chilean invited to perform at this mythical festival.
  • 2010, 2011, 2012 EUROPE : e.g. Festival Mundial / Zomerterras Festival, Netherlands; Afro Latino Festival / Afro Caribbean Festival / Pole Pole Festival, Belgium; World Village Festival, Finland ; Global Village Festival, Tallinn /Maritime Festival Kuressaare, Estonia; Uppsala Reggae Festival, Sweden, Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic among others. Production in cooperation with CCA ARTMUSIC / Europe
  • 2013 AUSTRALIA : Mahabili Festival Jabiru, Brisbane Festival, Wallaby Creek,  Festival, Boomerang Festival – Byron Bay , Caloundra Festival, Perth Festival, Sydney Darling Harbour Fiesta , Melbourne Festival, among others. Production in cooperation with CCA ARTMUSIC / Europe


Released   November 2019 


with invited Artists like :Green Valley, Sie7e, Camaleón Landáez, Mista Dijah, Talulah Neira 
 listen @ https://open.spotify.com/album/3SJYDcY21FIkFFieIy8Qsd?si=ddsHf-TKTCmzcU2fr-QnEQ



Quique Neiera review recent shows 2017

Quique Neiera review recent shows 2017

NEW Video Clip !!! “Chileno del Roots” / Quique Neira / “Un Amor” (2014)

 “Chileno del Roots” / Quique Neira / album “Un Amor” (2014) /  official Video Clip

Music/ Lyrics Quique Neira
Directed by Atilio Zenteno and Ignacio Rojas / Chile

Single:  Chileno del Roots

QN_ portada Chileno del Roots

Quique Neira has over twenty years of a career linked to reggae and this is precisely the inspiration behind this new single ‘Chileno del Roots’, the second single from his album “Un Amor” (October 2014). The clip of ‘Chilean Roots’ was directed by Atilio Zenteno and Ignacio Rojas, using newest art technology, including a HD drone.
The Video was filmed in various locations in Chile: the beach of Cartagena, the Municipal Theater of San Fernando and in the streets of San Ramon, where Quique spent his childhood. As well completed with recordings of presentations in cities across the country, including some parts of the show at Siempre Vivo Reggae / Chile 2015 .-
The video clip also has the special participation of the artist’s nephew, Jonas.
Quique Neira described the composition as “my history became a song.” He adds that “at the same time, it is the story of many people-  who like me –  had to overcome many difficulties and challenges to realize their goals.”

QN_Single Chileno del Roots 2015

Quique Neira lleva más de veinte años de una carrera ligada al reggae y esa es precisamente la inspiración tras este nuevo single ‘Chileno del Roots’. El tema es el segundo sencillo de su obra “Un Amor” de 2014 y viene a suceder ‘Agua de la Fuente’.
El clip de ‘Chileno del Roots’ fue dirigido por Atilio Zenteno e Ignacio Rojas. Se utilizó tecnología de última generación, incluyendo un dron HD, y se filmó en distintos lugares de Chile: la playa de Cartagena, el Teatro Municipal de San Fernando y las calles de San Ramón, donde Quique pasó su infancia. Esto se completa con grabaciones en presentaciones hechas en distintas ciudades del país, incluido su paso por la version 2015 del festival Siempre Vivo Reggae.
El Video Clip cuenta ademas con la participación especial del sobrino del artista, Jonás.
Quique Neira describe la composición como “mi historia hecha canción”. Y agrega que “al mismo tiempo, es la historia de muchas personas que al igual que yo debieron sortear muchas dificultades y desafíos para poder materializar sus metas”.


REVIEW to Quique Neira Album UN AMOR by the Jamaican JABLESPANOL english

 REVIEW of  the Jamaican JABLESPANOL http://jablespanol.com/blog/quique-neira-released-new-album/
The Spanish-Jamaican Experience | La Cara de Español en Jamaica

Quique Neira Released New Album

Queque Neira "Un Amor"Tracks: Un Amor (2014)

  • 1. No Me Rendiré
  • 2. Live Another Day (Feat. Ky-Mani Marley)
  • 3. Agua De La Fuente (Un Amor)
  • 4. Chileno Del Roots
  • 5. Continente
  • 6. Dos Hacen Uno
  • 7. Solamente Tu
  • 8. Cada Cosa En Su Momento
  • 9. Amor Prohibido Interlude
  • 10. Amor Prohibido
  • 11. Contnente (version en portugués)
  • 12. Agua De La Fuente (feat Dread Mar I)
  • 13. Patient Love

On October 22, 2014 he released his latest album “Un Amor” (One Love). The album features Reggae artistes such as Kymani Marley, son of Bob Marley and Dread Mar I of Argentina, another of the great Reggae musicians in Latin America.

“Un Amor” is the first album in his career which includes songs done in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.The album was produced by Jamaican producer, Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer, who has produced several work that has received Grammy nominations for internationally renowned artistes such as Sean Paul, Estelle and the Third World band.

In fact, this is his first album that has not been produced by him.

“It is the first album in which I include a music producer. So far it was always I who produced, well I came to the conclusion that in Chile there wasn’t any music producer who were experts in Reggae, no more than I. Therefore I ended up being the producer of all my previous works. And although the results left me happy, well despite all the awards and recognitions acheived, it seem to me that it was now time to put my music through an external filter. That search ended up with Farmer.”

For Quique the album “Un Amor” represents more than just fulfilling a goal and a dream.

“I have always wanted musicians from Jamaica to play my music and in this album, on some of the tracks that finally happened. And not only that,  I saw them really enjoying themselves while performing my songs and my suggestions on how to interpret the songs, This is especially meaningful because I am from South America and they are musicians from the island where they invented  this music that I love and which is the cultural source. I am like an adopted son of reggae and with this gesture I saw that they were truly loving me and accepting me as one more member of the family.”

Jablespañol’s Recommended Tracks

Track #1  “No Me Rendiré” deserves its place as the opening track on the album, and represents a good first impression for any great Reggae musician.

Track #2 “Live Another Day” which features Kymani Marley is the first song that he has ever done with a son of Marley.  The track is an hypnotic fusion of Rock and Reggae  with elements of Dancehall. It is also the only song  which has a combination of lyrics in Spanish and English.

Track #3  “Un Amor” (One Love), was written on his birthday and is the title song of the album. One cannot avoid noticing the striking similarity of the title to Marley’s “One Love”

Track #4 “Chileno del Roots” which pays tribute to his title as the Chilean Rootsman, evokes memories of Bob Marley’s song “Roots” from the compilation album “Rebel Music”. Like Marley, Neira establishes his authenticity as a Reggae singer and his deep connection to his faith and to his people as he declares himself “Roots al hueso, Roots to the bone.”

Track #7 “Solamente Tu” is the only exclusive Dancehall song on the album.

Track #8 “Cada Cosa En Su Momento” has the nostalgic feel of sweet Rub-A Dub music of the early 1980’s. it is the first song that was written for this album. If you are a fan of Sugar Minott then you are bound to enjoy listening to this theme.

Track #13 “Patient Love” which is the English version of the opening track “No Me Rendiré” is the only song that is performed exclusively in English, It perfectly captures the element of Jamaican Lover Rock. For some people it speaks to his love for Reggae music and his yearning to have his music played on the airwaves of the land where Reggae was born. This might very well be the song which gives him his debut into the Jamaican market.

5 star

Base on the quality of the music which was produced on this album, we expect that “Un Amor” will become one of the  greatest Reggae albums from Latin America. It s truly a classIc wIth every song on the album worth listening.


“Patient Love” #13 Album UN AMOR by Quique Neira — Lyrics Video

Quique Neira NEW album “UN AMOR” Nr 1 @ Portaldisc .com sale

 “UN AMOR ” at sale position  Nr 1  in Portaldisc.com   – digitial  store – 2 weeks after release 22 Oct 2014 .-

“Un Amor” en el 1er lugar de descargas en Portladisc.com

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QN _ Un Amor Nr 1  Ranking in Portaldisc

NEW!!!! Album ” UN AMOR ” by Quique Neira released 22. Oct 2014

 Quique Neira Album " UN AMOR"

Quique Neira “Un Amor” released 22 October 2014

  • artist:  QUIQUE NEIRA
  • featured artist:  Ky Mani Marley, Dread MarI
  • region:  South America
  • country:  Chile
  • release year:  2014
  • style(s):  Reggae
  • formats:  Audio File / Digital   /  CD (Compact Disc)
  • label:  Indipendent CB
  • musical productio: Jason J- Vibe Farmer

Album Medely

The new album “Un Amor” by Quique Neira produced by the Jamaican multi Grammy nominated Jason J Vibe Farmer, in Spanish ,English and Portuguese language, counts with such prominent featured guest artist as Ky Mani Marley and Dread Mar I.

”Un Amor” is a timeless album for all to love. A true classic. Living proof that great music still exists! citation Jason J VIBE Farmer musical producer.-

to purchase over Digital Stores ( Itunes,AmazonNokia , Spotify and many more )

Purchase via ITUNES  Click here


Quique Neira  Album " Un Amor "_  BACKSIDE


Quique Neira Released SINGLE ” Agua de la Fuente ” from the NEW upcoming Album ” UN AMOR” release September 2014

FREE DOWNLOAD  CLICK Here  descargado gratuitamente

Quique Neira _ Agua de la Fuente _ Single 2014

The new album “Un Amor” by Quique Neira produced by the Jamaican multi Grammy nominated Jason J Vibe Farmer, in Spanish in English and Portuguese language, counts with such prominent featured guest artist as KyMani Marley and Dread Mar I. Release September 2014

Quique Neira _ Ky Mani Marley_ 2014

 ” Un Amor” is a timeless album for all to love. A true classic. Living proof that great music still exists! citation Jason J VIBE Farmer musical producer .-


QN _Un AMOR _ La Tercer _ 230714

Quique Neira @ ONE MUSIC FESTIVAL / Chile 1 – 19 Feb 2014

QN@ One Music Festival Chile 2014

Quique Neira +  Ky Mani Marley,+ Movimiento Original +  Matanza

10 shows of the finest Reggae  from North to South of Chile

 01Feb La Serena
03 Feb Bahía Inglesa
05 Feb Antofagasta
07 Feb Iquique
09 Feb Pucón
11 Feb Puerto Montt
13 Feb Concepción
15 Feb Pichilemu
17 Feb Cobquecura
19 Feb Ritoque





Release VIDEO CLIP – YO PLANTO – 27 .03.2013

Video Clip YO PLANTO  release 27 märz 2013