CD “ALMA” (2012)

“Alma” (soul) is the energy of all of us, what makes us unique … what connects us to God,“ says Quique.

 Listen to  : Quique Neira New Album ” ALMA” _ Medley

The charismatic Icon of Latin Reggae has risen to legendary status in Latin America’s Reggae circles since the 1990’s – His mellow mix of roots rock reggae and Latin rhythms has drawn hundreds of thousands  enthusiastic audience to large Festivals in Latin America, as well in Europe.
Quique Neira has a unique voice and is a great live musician, composer and producer.

ALMA – his sixth production as a solo artist – is certainly the musician’s most mature and personal one, transposing life experiences – good times, hard times – into lyrics and music. ALMA has set him free.

The album includes some great guest musicians’ performances like the ones of David Hinds of Steel Pulse (Love, Love, Love), Alborosie (Yo Planto), Dogge Doggelito (Ojo) amongst others, conferring the disc internationality.

ALMA, issued under the Chilean label Oveja Negra, contains 20 tracks. Quique Neira composed and recorded ALMA in his personal studio, Madera & Agua, in Santiago/Chile, but it has as well been recorded in various studios e.g., in Austria, Switzerland, England, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Sweden, Jamaica. The album was mastered by Jim Fox in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

The spirit of his music, the very soul of what he wants to pass on as a legacy, is that the only thing that helps people to move on, to overcome the hardships of life and to reach their goals is  to put their soul in all they are doing.

ALMA is a global disc that combines the spirit of unity and universal power.-