CD “Jah Rock” (2010 Europe)

Quique Neira CD "JAH ROCK" 2010 European Edition

QUIQUE NEIRA ” Icon of Reggae “ Chile /Lat. Am

The Chilean “National Rastaman” Quique Neira (musician, singer, composer and producer), combines an ideal mixture of pure Roots Rock Reggae fused with roots of latín American musical colors  and conscious Lyrics.

CD JAH ROCK – “Rock” in the meaning of  “to the roots” is the most intimate creation of Quique Neira within his solo career .

Produced in his personal studio “Madera y Aqua” mixed and mastered by Jim Fox in Washington DC United States, with participation of Junior Marvin (guitar in “Mr. Powa man”) it is  Latin American. Reggae from it s finest

Quique Neira is one of the most famous, charismatic and talented artist in the Chilean and Latin American Reggae music scene, recognized international by performing at Europe most famous Festival Montreux in 2008.