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Quique Neira recent shows in 2019

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Quique Neira – shows in 2018 – among many other

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Quique Neira NEW Album “LA VIDA ES UNA CANCION”Vol.1

Quique Neira –  NEW Album “LA VIDA ES UNA CANCION”Vol.1 released October 2017    Listen@Spotify

ALBUM 2017

Quique Neira,with a legendary status in Latin America since the 1990’s, celebrating 27 years of musical career in November 2017,just released in October 2017 his eighth solo album “LA VIDA ES UNA CANCION” Vol.1 (“Life is a song”)

“A life can be told through a group of songs, an artist can reflect to the audience what has been his life through different themes” citation Quique Neira

There are 11 tracks that show the tour of the life of Quique Neira, of which seven correspond to some of his classic songs (e.g. “Sentimiento Original”) and four new compositions,in which “Latinoamérica Libre” stands out. A single that has two versions, one of them featuring Newton, Puerto Rican artist.



Quique Neira recent shows in 2017


Quique Neira New Single “LATINOAMERICA LIBRE”

Quique Neira New Single “LATINOAMERICA LIBRE” released Sept 2017


“Latinoamérica libre” (“Free Latin America”)  emerges from the emergence of a new leadership in some world powers, who have the boldness to launch concepts that come to bear the dignity of Latin American peoples, as is the speech of Donald Trump. It is not an affront against Mexico only – it is against all Latin America and we have to make our point of view.

REVIEW to Quique Neira Album UN AMOR by the Jamaican JABLESPANOL english

 REVIEW of  the Jamaican JABLESPANOL
The Spanish-Jamaican Experience | La Cara de Español en Jamaica

Quique Neira Released New Album

Queque Neira "Un Amor"Tracks: Un Amor (2014)

  • 1. No Me Rendiré
  • 2. Live Another Day (Feat. Ky-Mani Marley)
  • 3. Agua De La Fuente (Un Amor)
  • 4. Chileno Del Roots
  • 5. Continente
  • 6. Dos Hacen Uno
  • 7. Solamente Tu
  • 8. Cada Cosa En Su Momento
  • 9. Amor Prohibido Interlude
  • 10. Amor Prohibido
  • 11. Contnente (version en portugués)
  • 12. Agua De La Fuente (feat Dread Mar I)
  • 13. Patient Love

On October 22, 2014 he released his latest album “Un Amor” (One Love). The album features Reggae artistes such as Kymani Marley, son of Bob Marley and Dread Mar I of Argentina, another of the great Reggae musicians in Latin America.

“Un Amor” is the first album in his career which includes songs done in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.The album was produced by Jamaican producer, Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer, who has produced several work that has received Grammy nominations for internationally renowned artistes such as Sean Paul, Estelle and the Third World band.

In fact, this is his first album that has not been produced by him.

“It is the first album in which I include a music producer. So far it was always I who produced, well I came to the conclusion that in Chile there wasn’t any music producer who were experts in Reggae, no more than I. Therefore I ended up being the producer of all my previous works. And although the results left me happy, well despite all the awards and recognitions acheived, it seem to me that it was now time to put my music through an external filter. That search ended up with Farmer.”

For Quique the album “Un Amor” represents more than just fulfilling a goal and a dream.

“I have always wanted musicians from Jamaica to play my music and in this album, on some of the tracks that finally happened. And not only that,  I saw them really enjoying themselves while performing my songs and my suggestions on how to interpret the songs, This is especially meaningful because I am from South America and they are musicians from the island where they invented  this music that I love and which is the cultural source. I am like an adopted son of reggae and with this gesture I saw that they were truly loving me and accepting me as one more member of the family.”

Jablespañol’s Recommended Tracks

Track #1  “No Me Rendiré” deserves its place as the opening track on the album, and represents a good first impression for any great Reggae musician.

Track #2 “Live Another Day” which features Kymani Marley is the first song that he has ever done with a son of Marley.  The track is an hypnotic fusion of Rock and Reggae  with elements of Dancehall. It is also the only song  which has a combination of lyrics in Spanish and English.

Track #3  “Un Amor” (One Love), was written on his birthday and is the title song of the album. One cannot avoid noticing the striking similarity of the title to Marley’s “One Love”

Track #4 “Chileno del Roots” which pays tribute to his title as the Chilean Rootsman, evokes memories of Bob Marley’s song “Roots” from the compilation album “Rebel Music”. Like Marley, Neira establishes his authenticity as a Reggae singer and his deep connection to his faith and to his people as he declares himself “Roots al hueso, Roots to the bone.”

Track #7 “Solamente Tu” is the only exclusive Dancehall song on the album.

Track #8 “Cada Cosa En Su Momento” has the nostalgic feel of sweet Rub-A Dub music of the early 1980’s. it is the first song that was written for this album. If you are a fan of Sugar Minott then you are bound to enjoy listening to this theme.

Track #13 “Patient Love” which is the English version of the opening track “No Me Rendiré” is the only song that is performed exclusively in English, It perfectly captures the element of Jamaican Lover Rock. For some people it speaks to his love for Reggae music and his yearning to have his music played on the airwaves of the land where Reggae was born. This might very well be the song which gives him his debut into the Jamaican market.

5 star

Base on the quality of the music which was produced on this album, we expect that “Un Amor” will become one of the  greatest Reggae albums from Latin America. It s truly a classIc wIth every song on the album worth listening.


QN_31 May 2014 Jamming Festival Colombia

Arrival QN_ arrival Bogota_Jamming Festival 2014

Quique Neira @Band _  Bogota_Jamming Festival 2014SOUND CHECK

 BOGOTA @ NIGHT Impressions


programQN Jaming Festival  31 mai 2014


14 Sept @ MAHBILIL FESTIVAL Jabiru NT Australia

Quique Neira _Mahbilil Festival  Jabiru 2013

QUIQUE NEIRA & BAND TOUR AUSTRALIA 13 Sept – 16 October 2013


Saturday 14 Sept, Mahbili Festival / Jabiru / NT 
Tursday 19 Sept. Railway Club / Darwin NT 
Friday 20 Sept Brisbane Festival QLD /Wunder Bar 
Saturday 21 Sept Brisbane Festival QLD/ Sandgate Town Hall 
Sunday 22 Sept. Brisbane Fesival QLD / Hamilton Town Hall 
Thursday 26 Sept. Club Cairns/ QLD TBA- 
Saturday 29 Sept Wallaby Creek Festival /QLD 
Friday 04.Oct. Boomerang Festival / Byron Bay / NSW 
Saturday 05 Oct. Caloundra Music Festival / QLD 
Thursday 10 Oct. TBA
Friday 11 Oct. Perth / Freemantel Metroplis / WA
Sunday 13 Oct. Sydney Darling Harbour FIESTA / NSW 
Monday 14 Oct, Melbourne Festival / Foxtel Festival Hub / VIC 
Tuesday 15 Oct Sydney – Cub / VIC TBC



Quique Neira Tour “Un Poquito de Ti” MEXICO July 2013

production @  PANTHERTAINMENT Mexico

 DATES  confirmed

  • Jueves  / Thursday 18 Julio / Puebla / Pulque para 2
    Viernes /  Friday      19 Julio / Izcalli / Auditorio Enrique Batiz
    Sábado  / Saturday 20 Julio / Rosarito
    Miércoles / Wednesday 24 Julio / Guanajuato / Bar Fly
    Jueves / Thursday  25 Julio / León / Bar fly
    Sábado / Saturday  27 Julio / Guadalajara / Underground
    Domingo / Sunday   28 Julio / Pachuca / Bar la esquina

more dates to be announced

18 Juli Pueblo Mexico

QN_Mexico 19 Julio_Cuautitlan Izcalli  2013 QN QN_Mexico _ 20 julio 2013_Rosarito_ Bja California  _QN

QN_Mexico_25July 2013