Quique Neira The charismatic Icon of Latin Regga Quique Neira – Chilean singer, songwriter and producer – has risen to legendary status in Latin America’s Reggae circles since the 1990’s –

Quique Neira has a unique voice and is a great live musician.-His mellow mix of Roots Rock Reggae and Latin rhythms has drawn hundreds of thousands enthusiastic audience  to clubs and large Festivals in Latin America, Europe, Australia…

QUIQUE NEIRA cumbre-de-rock-chileno-2-20091In the 1990s he became a permanent fixture on the Latin American Reggae scene as a frontman and composer for Gondwana and Bamboo. 

2003 he started his successful solo career. He is considered to be one of Latin America’s most famous and talented musicians. Honored in Chile by the Altazor Award for Best Composition in 2006 for his album “Cosas Buenas” and in 2012 as the Best Album of the Year for his

album ”Alma” featuring international artists as David Hinds (Steel Pulse), and Alborosie among others.  With his solo albums he always gets the charts in his homeland. –

Quique Neira’s solo career led him to perform in Latin America in live concerts throughout Chile, including the Easter Island, in Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia at big Latin American festivals – Antof QN.2including the One Spring Festival /Chile 2007 (along with the Wailers),and in 2009 , the Festival de Reggae Latino /Puerto Rico, 2008, 2009 and 2010, the Cumbre del Rock Chileno II /Chile, 2009 – Festival Carlos Paz and Love / Argentina 2010,the Vibraciones de América /México, 2008, 2009. 2012 , Tour USA 2012, Tour Costa Rica 2012, Tour Ecuador 2012 + 2013, Tour Mexico 2013, Tour PeruQuique Neira _ Ky Mani Marley_ 2014 2013, One Music Festival  Tour ( 10 shows ) 2014 sharing stage with Ky Mani Marley , Jamming Festival 2014 and many more …

In Europe in 2008 at the prestigious Monteux Festival /Switzerland and in 3 successful consecutive  European tours (2010, 2011 and 2012).




He preformed with his band in  international festivals e.g.  at Festival Mundial/Tilburg /Netherlands, Foto Chris Segers AfroLatinoFestival/Bree Belgium, Uppsala Reggae Festival/Uppsala,Sweden; Afro Caribbean Festival/ Bredene,Belgium/ Maritime Festival/ Kuressaare, Estonia/ Colours of Ostrava/ Czech Republic, Pole Pole Festival Gent/ Belgium and many more.

Australia 2013 .- Neira has been touring to such far destination as Australia performing at major festivals like Brisbane Festival, Sydney Latin Festival and at the Melbourne Festival, to mention only a few.



 In March 2014 Quique, Neira recorded his new album “Un Amor” featuring Ky Mani Marley in “Live Another Day” and the Argentine Dread Mar.I Neira invited 'QN_ J VIBE _ new Album 7 june 2014the prestigious multi Grammy nominated music producer Jason “J Vibe” Farmer to join him in this new production. This will be the first record of his career in which Neira will be singing in three languages, with songs in Spanish, English and Portuguese. “Un Amor”, 


New Album release

ALBUM 2017

released in October 2017  “LA VIDA ES UNA CANCION” Vol.1 (“Life is a song”)

“A life can be told through a group of songs, an artist can reflect to the audience what has been his life through different themes” citation Quique Neira

There are 11 tracks that show the tour of the life of Quique Neira, of which seven correspond to some of his classic songs (e.g. “Sentimiento Original”) and four new compositions,in which “Latinoamérica Libre” stands out. A single that has two versions, one of them featuring Newton, Puerto Rican artist.




release :   11th November 2019 

CDs  as  Soloist :
Eleven (2003) EMI , Cosas Buenas (2005) EMI
Jah Rock (2008) OVEJA NEGRA, with participation of Junior Marvin , Jah DUB (2010)   European Edition Jah Rock ( 2010 ) GLM/ Munich Germany , ALMA  ( 2011 ) OVEJA NEGRA  featurning  Daivd Hinds / Steel Pulse , Alborosie  and other artists, UN AMOR (2014Cosas Buenas Prod. featuring Ky ManiMarley ,  La Vida es una Cancion Vol. 1 (2017) Cosas Buenas Prod., Cover Me (2018) Cosas Buenas Prod.